A Spiritual Center

At Temple Akiba, our worship services are designed for those seeking warm and innovative yet traditional services. Every Friday night our services are filled with spirit and love.

The entire community is welcomed to join us for spiritually uplifting and musically inspiring services as we transform ourselves and each other through worship. Temple Akiba welcomes Shabbat in a variety of unique and stimulating ways.

Any given Friday during the year, you’re bound to discover one or more of the following:

  • Shabbat Shira with birthday and anniversary blessings
  • Our famous Kabbalat Shabbat Service accompanied by guitars, drums, a harp, singing and soul
  • Torah Service where we read from our sacred text and gather for worship and prayer
  • Shabbat at the Shore where we gather at the beautiful Pacific Ocean to welcome Shabbat with our toes in the sand, eyes gazing at the crashing waves and hearts united in song
  • Garden Prayer as we gather in Temple Akiba’s beautiful and tranquil courtyard enjoying the running fountain and sprouting greenery

Our embracing congregation invites you to experience what many already know…Temple Akiba is home.

Check our Temple calendar to see what’s coming up this week.