Junior Choir (Religious School Choir)

The youngest voices in our congregation join together in song once a month to learn new melodies, practice harmonies and discuss the meanings of the prayers. All Religious School registered children in grades 4 through 6 are welcome and encouraged to join the Junior Choir.

Look for the Junior Choir to perform at select Shabbat Services and during High Holy Day Services.

Cantor’s Chanters (Middle and High School Choir)

Once our singers graduate out of the Junior Choir, they are encouraged to join Cantor’s Chanters to continue their connection to Jewish song. Cantor Frailich teaches her Chanters new and innovative Jewish music and continues their connection with Jewish music and the Temple in general. While many of our members attend Akiba High programs, some come just for Cantor’s Chanters rehearsals and services. This is their connecting point to Judaism. It also opens their minds and teaches the next generation what it means to be a Cantor. Students lead select services from start to finish, managing all preparations, rehearsals, and planning the Cantor would typically go through.  Students also help lead two services during the High Holy Days.

To learn more about our Youth Choir opportunities, call (310) 398-5783 or email cantorlonee@templeakiba.net