A moment in time

A weekly reminder from Rabbi Shapiro that a change in perspective can shift the focus of our day - and even our lives.

Rabbi Shapiro is a weekly blog contributor to the Jewish Journal where he shows how the simplest of daily experiences can become the most meaningful of life's blessings. All it takes is a moment in time. Read the latest entry here, and click below for past articles.

A Moment in Time:

Balance is Overrated!

November 8, 2018 / 30 Cheshvan, 5779


Dear all,

So many of us are trying to seek balance in our lives.

Work and leisure.

Friends and family.

Carbs and, well .... low-carbs!

The world as a whole is a finely balanced scale.  Judaism teaches that in every generation there are an equal number of good people as there are bad people.  The ultimate fate of the world will be judged accordingly.

And so ...  We do whatever we can to tip the scale out of balance, toward goodness.

When we smile, we tip the scale.

When we share a kind word, we tip the scale.

When we give to a charitable cause, we tip the scale.

When we stand up for justice, we tip the scale.

And when we invest a moment in time to harness peace, we tip the scale.

Balance is overrated!  We want to weigh the scale down with our spiritual shekels of justice!

With love and shalom,

Rabbi Zach Shapiro